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Russian Supreme Court to consider Sentsov and Kolchenko’s appeal

October 28, 2015 19:46 0 1637 QirimInfo
The trial is scheduled for November 24.

On November 24 Russian Supreme Court will consider appeals of Ukrainian activists Oleg Sentsov and Olexandr Kolchenko, reports RIA Novosti citing Kolchenko’s lawyer Svetlana Sidorkina.

“Russian Supreme Court will consider Oleg Sentsov and Olexandr Kolchenko’s appeals on November 24,” Sidorkina said.

Sentsov and Kolchenko were sentenced by North Caucasus Military District Court to 20 and 10 years in prison respectively on charges of terrorism. The sentence was condemned by representatives of the EU, who said that it violates the international laws.

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