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Ukrainian entrepreneur detained in Yalta

July 19, 2016 10:21 0 9861 QirimInfo
FSB officers accused Larisa Kytaiska of extremism.

Ukrainian entrepreneur Larisa Kytaiska who lives on the mainland territory of Ukraine, on July 18tth was detained by FSB officers in Yalta. Website 15 minutes reports with reference to a daughter of detained Ksenia Kytaiska.

"Mum first was taken to some institution, then –– to the apartment – we have a two-room apartment in Yalta – to conduct a search. They demanded a laptop. My mother gave them a laptop. They said that it was not that one, that they needed another one. They accused her of extremism. They threatened to take away an apartment. Her blood pressure has risen because of nervousness – an ambulance was called for her. At that moment, when my mother was sitting in the ambulance – I called her. She said a few words, and then a man picked up the phone, began to say that he can not hear me, and the connection was lost", – Ksenia said.

According to Ksenia, her mother is an entrepreneur and lives on the mainland of Ukraine, and sometimes comes to Yalta "on business".

"My mum is 52 years old. She is an entrepreneur. She lives in Ukraine, comes to Yalta on business. At that time, when she was detained, my mother was already about two weeks in Yalta. About he fact that my mother was detained, I was informed by her friend", – Ksenia said.

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