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Police drove local protesters off in Alushta

June 06, 2016 11:19 0 2178 QirimInfo
About fifty people took to the streets to protest against the installation of amusement park on the central seafront.

On the 4th of June in Alushta  protest was held, according to local newspaper "Tvoya gazeta". About fifty local residents took to the streets under the slogans "Power to ignore the opinion of the residents of Alushta", "Seafront is treasure of people!", "Liberate the seafront from illegal rides" to protest against the installation of amusement park on the central seafront , which obstructs the view to the sea.

The rally was organized by the member of Alushta city council Pavel Stepanchenko, who actively supported the occupation of Crimea. The action was carried out in accordance with Russian law, the local authorities have been notified of the event. Despite this, the the police to the action and announced that the holding of this event is prohibited, without presenting the relevant documents.

The protesters, led by Stepanchenko refused to disperse, a scuffle started. Police pushed the deputy to the bus, two more local residents were detained. Stepanchenko after drawing up an administrative protocol was released, the others are in custody awaiting trial. Lawyer is not allowed to them.

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