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Ukrainian Delegation Opposes Russia’s Election As World Health Assembly President

May 22, 2017 14:06 0 3320 QirimInfo
Ukraine reckons that Russia has no moral authority to chair the WHO/World Health Assembly.

The Ukrainian delegation at the 70th World Health Assembly made a statement against the Russian Federation being elected as President of the Assembly. Acting Health Care Minister of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun informed this.

«The Russian Federation is waging an undeclared war against Ukraine, that has resulted in 10 thousand people killed, over 23 thousand injured, and millions displaced. The candidature of the Russian Federation to the post of President of the WHA70 is the latest salvo in the concerted attack against the Western institutions that have kept the peace for over 70 years, and subsequently prolonged life expectancy and improved the quality of life worldwide», – stated in the message.

Suprun underlined that the Russian occupying authority was destroying the medical infrastructure in the East of Ukraine.

«The policy of the Russian occupation administration in the Crimea to deny vitally important substitution maintenance therapy to hundreds of patients has already caused dozens of deaths. Almost daily, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars live through human rights violations, including illegal detention and exile to the Russian «work camps» on trumped-up charges, like Ukrainian film-maker Oleh Sentsov and many others», – Suprun stated.

Ulyana Suprun added that Russia had no moral authority to chair the Assembly of an organization that aims to protect lives and to implement standards.

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