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Ukraine forbade to use Siemens turbines in Crimea

October 10, 2016 12:03 1 2887 QirimInfo
Ukraine and the EU blocked the delivery of Siemens electric turbines to Crimea from Kuban, where they are delivered according to the contract.

Ukraine and the EU have made adjustments to the a contract of German firm Siemens to supply electric turbines to Kuban, which prohibit the use of these turbines in Crimea, according to "The events of Crimea".

"The contract of the German company is made items, prohibiting the use of these turbines in Crimea. For our part, we will continue to monitor this transaction", – the Deputy Justice Minister Sergei Petukhov said.

The representative of the Ukrainian government said that the EU renewed its awareness of business structures: when signing contracts with Russia they contain provision limiting the use of goods and technologies, subjected to sanctions, on the territory of Crimea.

Earlier it was reported that constructors of two power plants in annexed by Russia Crimea are going to install the turbines, manufactured jointly with Siemens.

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