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Ukraine assessed Russian airlines penalties of $ 28 million for flights to Crimea

October 27, 2016 19:40 0 2360 QirimInfo
Russian airlines continue to ignore the legal proceedings opened against them.

Ukraine wants Russian airlines to pay fines in the amount of 721.2 million hryvnia (about $ 28.2 million) for flights to Crimea. "More than 5 thousand resolutions made for violation of the ban on flights to Crimea", — UNIAN reports with reference to the representative of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine.

The department also reported that more than a thousand lawsuits opened in relation to the Russian airline "Aeroflot", and 5 thousand orders made. 

At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of Transport said that still these measures do not contribute to the payment of fines by Russian airlines.

"Still they have not paid a penny", —  the Ministry of Transport summed up.

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