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Crimea blockade activists smash expensive alcohol (PHOTOS)

October 12, 2015 11:40 0 2616 QirimInfo
Right Sector fighters confiscated bottles of French champagne and German beer from Russians travelling to Crimea and destroyed them.

Members of Right Sector, Ukrainian paramilitary organization and far-right nationalist party, that are participating in the blockade of Crimea have searched the car of a Russian couple travelling to Crimea and smashed bottles of European alcohol they found.

“Near the roadblock in Kalanchak our fighters stopped a couple from Russia that was carrying elite alcohol from Europe. It turned out they were coming back from a music festival,” wrote Right Sector representatives on Facebook.

Russian citizens agreed to destroy the bottles, but were unable to do it themselves, Facebook post says.

“Overall everything went fine. The car’s owner and the fan of recreation in “rotting western countries” agreed to destroy the precious cargo. But he was not able to. With a mournful face, he simply put the foreign spirits in the trash bin. Our fighters were forced to smash the bottles in his place, but with him present,” activists wrote.


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