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Witnesses mix up in testimonies again during trial over ‘February 26 case’

February 15, 2017 15:13 0 2416 QirimInfo
The materials containing in the evidence record and the testimonies given by the same witnesses in court appear different once again.

Today, on February 15, the Central district court of Simferopol held another session in the “February 26 case”. Two witnesses of the accusation were interrogated. Lawyer Edem Semedlyayev has said this in a comment for QirimInfo.

According to the lawyer, the witnesses mixed up in their testimonies.

“Two witnesses were interrogated – a police officer and a Cossacks Otaman. We could see a number of contradictions between the testimonies given by the witnesses during the preliminary investigation and the ones given in court today. The place of interrogation remains one of the key contradictions. All of them were interrogated in different places while the record claims it was one and the same place,” – the lawyer has told.

According to the information provided by Mr. Semedlyayev, “the officer of the Russian law-enforcement agencies indicated false official duties, which he fulfilled in 2014, while being an officer of the Ukrainian police. He also got confused when it came to the question whether he had been given any riot control weapons during the demonstration of February 26, 2014.”  

As for the testimony given by the Cossaks Otaman, the evidence record claims that on February 23, 2014 he joined the 9th squadron of the “militia army”, and personally witnessed the Crimean Tatars having been delivered stones, sticks and pepper guns, during the demonstration.

“In court, he claimed he had never joined any militia army. To the question whether he saw the Crimean Tatars holding stones or sticks at the demonstration, the witness replied he hadn’t seen anything of the kind,”– Semedlyayev has told.

This is not the first time when witnesses and victims in the “February 26 case” mix up in their own testimonies. Previously, the lawyers in this case stated that the evidence of the prosecution could have been falsified during the investigation.

Earlier, the court divided the “February 26 case” into two cases: one against Medjlis Deputy Head Akhtem Chiygoz, and the other one against the other defendants – Ali Asanov and Mustafa Degermendzhi.

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