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Police officer, airport guard interrogated in «diversionist» Suleimanov’s case

April 12, 2017 17:14 0 1931 QirimInfo
The defense is going to challenge the claimed amount of damage caused as the result of the false report of mining.

Today, on April 12, three witnesses of the prosecution were interrogated in the Zaliznichny district court of Simferopol in the framework of Redvan Suleimanov’s case.

 «They were the police officer who received the message on fake mining; the employee of the airport in Simferopol and one of the airport guards,» – lawyer Emil Kurbedinov has said in a comment for QirimInfo.

According to the lawyer, the police officer who took the message mixed up in her own testimony.

 «She said the message was about the mining, and that the explosions would be conducted at 12 today. However, this message did not contain the information about the mining, or any concrete dates. It stated that, we will blast a series of objects at certain time. These are significant discrepancies. Making a thorough analysis, the message didn’t claim something had been mined, this was their presumption,» – Kurbedinov has explained.

As for the interrogated airport guard, he stated he had received no bonuses or extra payments due to conducting additional work.

«I asked him whether he had received any bonuses in addition to his salary on that day. He said no, it was an ordinary situation, they get no bonuses for that. Therefore, we are going to challenge the obviously exaggerated scope of the claimed damage, » – the lawyer has added.

Suleimanov is charged with having committed a crime under Part 2 of Article 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation [provision of the deliberately false information on a terrorist act, which caused large-scale damage].

According to the version of the investigation, Suleimanov, staying at the territory of the Crimea, launched an audio conference call, using which some citizen [the investigation failed to identify him], being at the territory of continental Ukraine, reported on fake mining of important infrastructure objects of the peninsula.

During the first session at merits Suleimanov admitted guilt, but disagreed with the amount of the damage that he had caused – almost 5 million rubles. Among the plaintiffs there are the Kerch ferry service, the Simferopol airport and the Administration of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in the Crimea.   

The next session in this case is scheduled for April 18.  

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