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Activists of Ukrainian Cultural Center interrogated in Simferopol

October 15, 2015 11:28 0 2456 QirimInfo
They were questioned for placing flowers near a statue of Bogdan Khmelnytsky.

Yesterday, on October 14, police officers and members of Crimean “self-defense forces” have detained three activists of Ukrainian Cultural Center, a small Crimean NGO, for placing flowers near a Bogdan Khmelnytsky monument. Activists were taken to the state Center for Countering Extremism for questioning.

According to Center for Investigative Journalism that cites activist Leonid Kuzmin, activists were detained for more than two hours: “They invited us for a talk. Asked why we came, what we celebrate, what is the goal of our meeting. We said that we are celebrating the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. They held us for two and a half hours.”

“At the same time they explained who they think Banderites are how we should call the trident. They did not charge us with anything, though they called the Ukrainian Catholic Church a terrorist organization. They made photos of us and let us go. By the way, one officer confessed that he is Ukrainian as well and part of our conversation was in one of the official languages of Crimea,” Center for Investigative Journalism quotes activist Olena Popova.

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