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Crimea rapidly running out of fresh water supplies

May 15, 2017 11:40 0 3201 QirimInfo
The shutdown of chemical plants will have hideous consequences for the peninsula.

The fresh water supplies necessary for the functioning of the chemical plants in the north of the occupied Crimea will be enough for two more years, and then the enterprises could shut down.

«Minister» of the industrial policy of the Crimea Andrii Vasiuta said this, informs with a reference to the local media.

Vasiuta believes that the shutdown of the chemical plants would have hideous consequences for the peninsula.

The representative of the occupying authorities informed that there were several options of solving this issue:

- drilling of new artesian wells and construction of a desalination plant;
supplying water from the territory of mainland Russia or resume of functioning of the North-Crimean Canal.

At the same time, according to the «Minister», the two latter options seem unlikely.

«As for the desalination plant, I think we would have to come to this anyway in the near future. Although this is not the cheapest variant. It will cost us some 40-50 billion rubles», – Vasiuta clarified.

Vasiuta added that the implementation of this project would secure 100% water supply of the plants and satisfy 50% of the needs of the North Crimea.

The «Crimea Development Corporation» is looking for an investor for this project, with no results so far.

Important to note, the population of the Northern areas of the Crimea could face transmigration due to the lack of fresh water. Chairman of the organization «Clean Shore.Crimea» Volodymyr Harnachuk thinks so. He clarifies that the situation with the fresh water in the peninsula remains uncertain.

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