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FSB conducted search at Dnieper volunteer in Crimea

June 13, 2016 10:41 0 2237 QirimInfo
According to volunteer Natalia Vaschenko, she was threatened with arrest.

In occupied Crimea officers of the Federal Security Service conducted a search at the Dnieper volunteer Natalia Vaschenko.

According to "Crimean Human Rights Group", Vashenko has Crimean residence, but she resides in Dnieper already several years. Recently, she came to her mother to Crimea, and a few days later FSB officers came to her house.

According to the volunteer, security forces took her personal laptop and threatened her with arrest during the search. The search was conducted on Thursday, June 2nd in Kerch.

"Men burst into the house of my mother on the 2nd of June at 8 a.m. There were six of them. They were in civilian clothes, one of them showed a FSB license and a court order to inspect the apartment. The resolution was issued by a judge Kuzmina of Kerch city court. Security officers brought two witnesses with them. One of the witnesses is the chairman of our housing cooperative. Security officers threatened to break the door down and shoot my dog", — Vashchenko said.

Natalia also reported on violations by the FSB during the search.

"I did not receive any documents about the search and arrest. They said insistently that I should go with them. And they did not warn me that I could refuse. There, on Lenin, 8 I have spent more than 2 hours. They asked whether I’ve been  in ATO, why cared of the wounded in the hospital of Dnepropetrovsk, and about my attitude to the fact that Crimea is Russian now, why do I have Ukrainian servicemen-Crimeans in friends' list on Facebook", — she said.

The threat of a criminal case forced Ukrainian woman to go back to the mainland of Ukraine.

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