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Places for peaceful assemblies reduced twice in Crimea

July 25, 2016 12:25 0 1763 QirimInfo
Crimean occupation «authorities» reduced the number of places for mass events from 717 to 366.

The occupation authorities reduced the number of places for mass events in almost all towns and districts of Crimea. Crimean Human Rights Group reports.

The so-called Crimean Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on July 4, which reduced by one half the number of designated places for holding public events on the peninsula.

"There are much fewer places for peaceful assemblies left in Yevpatoria, Sudak, Yalta. Places for holding the peaceful assembly reduced by half in Dzhankoj, Krasnoperekopsk, Sovetskij, Sakskij, Bakhchisaraiskij, Leninskij and Nizhnegorskij districts. In Krasnoperekopskij, Krasnogvardeyskij, Chernomorskij and Dzhankojskij districts such places reduced by three times, and in Kerch – by five times. Now it is impossible to hold peaceful mass events near the city government building in Kerch", – human rights activists say.

So, if in 2014 the Crimean occupation "authorities" have identified 717 locations where Crimeans could get permission to conduct peaceful assembly, there are 366 of such places now.

The reason for this reduction is not specified.

Crimean rights group considers that this resolution limits the right to freedom of assembly, which is enshrined in Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 21 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, Article 11 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

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