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In Crimea the police detained participants of the rally in memory of victims of deportation

May 19, 2016 14:04 0 2196 QirimInfo
17-year-old Crimean Tatar got a fine of 4000 rubles.

In occupied Crimea the Russian police detained participants of the rally in memory of victims of deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944, according to "Argumenty Nedeli - Krym".

According to the participant of the rally, yesterday, on the 18th of May, after prayers and minute of sorrow for the victims of deportation, convoy of 20 cars drove from Simferopol to Bakhchisaray. In Bakhchisaray the convoy was  stopped by the police.

"They could not stop the whole convoy, there stayed about half the cars. Drivers were taken up licenses, and all participants were recorded on camera. The police explained that they carried out the operation "Anaconda". Three of the participants were taken to the station, and nobody explained why. All the other cars were also asked to follow the police", — the participant said.

Later it became known that one of the detainees was the 17-year-old resident of Bakhchisaray. He got an administrative fine of 4,000 rubles, the «Avdet» informs.

Also, according to the head of the Kurultai CEC Zaire Smedlyaev, in Sudak, a group of young Crimean Tatars in cars with Crimean Tatars symbols was detained.

"Around 17.00 young guys drove through the town of Sudak. They stopped near a monument to the victims of deportation. In order to take part in the action "Light a Candle". At that moment 4 people were detained and taken to the city police station", — he said.

Let us recall, yesterday, on the 18th of May, in occupied Bakhchisaray near a memorial plaque to victims of the 1944 deportation locals gathered to pay tribute to the memory of the people’s tragedy.

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