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In Crimea two more people arrested on charges of sabotage

August 15, 2016 15:00 0 2018 QirimInfo
The total number of detainees in the case of the preparation of acts of sabotage in Crimea increased to nine people.

Two more people were arrested in Crimea on charges of planning acts of sabotage, Interfax reported, citing a source of Russian law enforcement.

"To date, there are already nine people detained, two of them are arrested. In the next 24 hours they can be charged under articles, including those related to the organization of the terrorist act and complicity in terrorist activities", — the source says.

According to the agency, two people, additionally detained in the case, are the inhabitants of the peninsula, who received Russian citizenship recently. Another 10 people are involved in the case as witnesses. The source does not rule out that the status of some of them can be changed on the suspects.

To date, we know the names of the three detained people on charges of planning acts of sabotage: resident of Energodar Evgenij Panov, Crimean internally displaced person from Zaporizhzhia Redvan Sulemanov and Crimean Andrij Zahtej. Panov and Zahtej are arrested by Russian court for two months.

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