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In Kyiv activists reminded of missing Crimeans

October 25, 2016 12:15 0 2149 QirimInfo
The action devoted to the abductions in Crimea, was held at the Russian Embassy.

In Kyiv, at the Russian Embassy the action devoted to enforced disappearances in occupied Crimea was held. This is the fourth such event organized by public initiative CrimeaSOS.

The activists held a performance showing the family waiting for its missing son.

The orginizer of the action Tamila Tasheva noted that there are more than two dozen cases of enforced disappearancesin general. And the Russian authorities did not conduct a proper investigation of any of them.

"The mother and father, they always think of where their children are, they appeal to the so-called authorities of the Crimean government, but they did not take any action to investigate. In total more than 20 people are missing in Crimea, now we know about minimum 15 missing, 9 people were found dead during the whole period of the occupation", — Tasheva said.

Also the action was attended by activists of the international human rights organization Amnesty International, they collected signatures on a petition calling to the de facto authorities of the Crimea to conduct a proper investigation of cases of enforced disappearances in the Crimea.

"It is very important to ordinary people came to these actions. Because only public pressure, constant actions of people can change the situation in Crimea. Our goal is to keep it on the agenda so as nor politicians, neither citizens of Ukraine did not forget it, as well as the international community", — the press-secretary of Amnesty international Maria Gurieva reported.

Also the activist of automaidan Shura Ryazantseva made a speech. She was arrested in March 2014 at the entrance to Crimea by former "Berkut", and she was in captivity for three days, where she was beaten and subjected to psychological pressure.

"We were taken to the basement of the checkpoint, and we realized that we were not the first people there, everything was in the blood, a terrible picture. Then we were taken to the guardhouse in Sevastopol... All this lasted for three days, and thanks to our family, friends and the resonance we were released", —  the activist said.

Also, simple Crimeans and friends of abducted people came to support the action. Crimean Ruslan from Sevastopol  knew one of the missing people personally, Vasilii Chernysh, and he comes to such actions not the first time.

"He was not local, he was for work there. In the first week there was a wild self-defense, maybe he was taken to prison, maybe, was immediately killed. Then everything somehow was centrallized... And Vasilii himself was a former SBU employee, and his last post on facebook was dedicated to former "colleagues" in Crimea: "Our Russian prostitutes hung the flag and went to celebrate the March 8", — the Crimean said.

Activist of automaidan Vasilii Chernysh disappeared in March 2014 in Sevastopol, and since his whereabouts is unknown.






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