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Court suppresses Taliat Yunusov’s evidence in «Chiygoz case»

May 19, 2017 15:42 0 1913 QirimInfo
The prosecutor’s attempt to manipulate the court in the «Chiygoz case» failed.

Today, the cassation appeal of Akhtem Chiygoz lawyers against the sentence made with regard to one of the defendants in «February 26 case» Taliat Yunusov has been considered and satisfied. Lawyer Mykola Polozov has informed this in a comment for QirimInfo.

The lawyer reminded on his Facebook page that in Autumn 2015, Yunusov agreed for the special order of consideration of the case which stipulated that the defendant would admit guilt without studying the evidence in court.

 «In the end, the court appointed punishment, not connected with imprisonment, for him. However, later on, presenting the evidence in the Akhtem Chiygoz case, the prosecutor also presented the sentence with respect to Yunusov and the sentence with respect to Eskender Nebiyev (who also agreed for a speciual order) as evidence confirming the accusation», – the lawyer wrote.

Polozov noted that Akhtem Chiygoz was referred to as the «organizer of mass riots» in the texts of these sentences, despite the fact that the jugdes hadn’t even interrogated Chiygoz.

 «There is no doubt that the prosecutor attached the sentences against Yunusov and Nebiyev to the case materials with a solely manipulative purpose. However, this won’t work. Now, the superficially added information that Akhtem Chiygoz organized something, was a co-partner in something, or carried out any actions, was omitted and replaced with the actions of unidentified persons», – Mykola Polozov wrote.

The lawyer added that the prosecutor’s attempt to manipulate the court in the «Chiygoz case» failed.

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