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Crimean court leaves defendant in “February 26” in detention

October 26, 2015 17:09 0 1679 QirimInfo
Court denied Ali Asanov’s appeal regarding the level of pretrial restriction.

Kyiv Raion Court of Simferopol has denied the appeal of Crimean Tatar activist Ali Asanov, wrote the Head of Kurultai’s Central Electoral Commission Zayir Smedlyaev on Facebook.

“Judge Bondarev has ignored all arguments of the defense that the decision of Kyiv Court is violating the code of criminal procedure and Ali Asanov, a father of four, is not going to run anywhere and defense’s appeal to replace detention with a less strict level of pretrial restriction — house arrest or travel restrictions,” wrote Smedlyaev.

He also claims that court’s decision is a “political job” and was “ordered from above”.

Ali Asanov was arrested on April 15 on suspicion of participating in mass unrest on February 26, 2014. In October Kyiv Raion Court of Simferopol extended Asanov’s detention until November 19.

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