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Member of Mejlis to be tried in Crimean Tatar language

October 26, 2016 19:02 0 2436 QirimInfo
"Court" upheld the application for the right of Zeynur Yakubov, who is accused of involvement in "illegal assembly", to use his native language and provide him with an interpreter.

The court session on the case of a member of the Mejlis Zeynur Yakubov will be held in the Crimean Tatar language. This was reported by a member of the Mejlis Emine Avamileva, who is a defender in the case of Yakubov.

"Bakhchisarai District Court granted the petition for the right to use by the person in respect of whom the report compiled, the native language and provide him with an interpreter," − Avamileva wrote in Facebook.

The court session in Bakhchisarai "court" is scheduled for November 1. Yakubov, as well as a dozen other members of the Mejlis, is accused of violating Art. 20.28 of the Administrative Code "Organization of activity of a public or religious association, in respect of which the decision to suspend its activities made".

"Court" has already fined Ilmi Umerov, Shevket Kaybullaev, Sadikhov Tabah, Ali Khamzin, Enver Kurtiev, Bekir Mamutov, Emine Avamileva and Dilyaver Akiev.

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