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Trial in Ruslan Zeitullayev’s case. Summary

April 21, 2017 19:13 0 2277 QirimInfo
The prosecutor demands 17 years of imprisonment, the defense – to release the defendant due to the absence of the event of a crime.

Today, on April 21, the Northern-Caucasian district military court has completed another session in the case of Ruslan Zeitullayev. He is charged under Part 1 of Article 205.5 of the criminal Code of the Russian Federation, as an organizer of the Hizb ut-Tahrir party branch in the Crimea.

Radio Liberty’s correspondent Anton Naumliuk has told about the court session in a comment to QirimInfo. According to him, today’s session was dedicated to summarizing of the results of the whole trial.

 «The prosecution considered Zeitullayev’s guilt fully proved and demanded 17 years of imprisonment. This is a standard term for the Article, incriminated to Ruslan,» – Naumliuk has said.

Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov predicts that the court will sentence Zeitullayev to 15 years of imprisonment.

«Kurbedinov said in his speech that none of the charges had been confirmed by the factual evidence. There are no proofs that he enlisted someone. The defense asked to release Zeitullayev due to the absence of crime in his actions,» – the journalist has added.

The defendant also «refused point-blank to admit guilt». Zeitullayev claimed he never belonged to any terrorist community or organized any terrorist cells either.

 «His speech was mostly dedicated to the religious calls. He talked a lot about Islam, and claimed that, regardless of the charges and the obvious verdict of guilty, which he expected and had no doubt about, he would not betray his ideas and the things for which he was persecuted, in his opinion, and would remain as faithful as ever. His speech sounded more political and religious than a speech of a soon-to-be convict before the sentence,» – Naumliuk has told.

Important to note, on April 4 Ruslan Zeitullayev went on a hunger-strike with the demands to stop the harassment of the Crimean Tatars and to abolish the already made sentences. He lost 8 kilos of weight for the 18 days of the hunger-strike.

The North-Caucasian court started reconsideration of the criminal case against Ruslan Zeitullayev in the beginning of this year. Last September, the same court sentenced him to seven years of imprisonment. However, two months later the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation cancelled Zeitullayev’s sentence. The prosecutor demanded toughening of the sentence.

The defense has no doubt about the repeated guilty verdict of the court and is ready to appeal this decision in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the European Court of Human Rights.

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