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Stop Killing Ilmi Umerov. Threat to life to detained Ilmi Umerov in Crimea

August 23, 2016 17:40 0 6975
About the danger to which is exposed today arrested in Crimea deputy chairman of the Mejlis Ilmi Umerov.

When you are reading these lines, a person can die in a psychiatric hospital in Crimea. The person who should not be in there. His name is Ilmi Umerov, 59, he is an active member of the Crimean Tatar national movement, the deputy head of the Mejlis, the former head of Bakhchisarai district in Crimea. He is mentally healthy, and it has got to a psychiatrists because of his belief that Crimea (Ukraine), annexed by Russia in 2014, is a part of Ukraine.

On May 12, 2016 Ilmi Umerov was detained on suspicion of public appeals and actions aimed at changing the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation for the statements while the broadcast of ATR TV channel in March 2016. Due to his health condition — he is ill with Parkinson's disease, has hypertension and diabetes — Umerov was released on his own recognizance and had to sign a pledge of secrecy of the case files.

After several hearings, "prosecutor" requested a psychiatric examination for the accused. On August 11 during the asylum procedure Ilmi Umerov got sick, and he was hospitalized with preinfarction state from the courtroom. However, the court decided to appoint a psychiatric examination. On August 18, despite poor health and absence of the decision on the appeal of a psychiatric examination, Umerov was forcibly taken to a psychiatric hospital №1 of Simferopol to the ninth department of inpatient forensic psychiatric examination for persons who are not in custody.

On August 21 relatives of Ilmi Umerov told about serious deterioration of his state of health. Umerov has aggravation of hypertensive crisis, there are signs of hypoglycemic shock, he was not provided the necessary medical care and did not receive medicines. Living conditions in the hospital are unsatisfactory.


Actions taken by the Russian Federation against Ilmi Umerov are illegal and violate international law:

  • Detention and prosecution of Ilmi Umerov are illegal, since there are no grounds for lawful detention. Umerov expressed the position of the international community and international law concerning the occupation of Crimea. The legislation of the Russian Federation in this case violates international norms, and can not be considered as legitimate grounds for detention.
  • The occupation authorities of Crimea violate the procedural guarantees. An appeal, which was filed against the decision to use psychiatric examination for Ilmi Umerov, was not considered, and the judgment is not yet entered into force. However, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Several days in a row Umerov was denied access to a lawyer,  surveillance of his family was initiated. Also the investigator does not provide access to the case file, the case is classified.
  • Tortures and inhuman treatment with life-threatening are practiced. Considering the state of health and disease, created conditions such as lack of food and limited access of family (twice a day), poor sanitary facilities in the hospital, lack of access to skilled medical care -threat to the life of Ilmi Umerov, and it are tortures and inhuman treatment.


We demand from the government of Russian Federation:

  • To release Ilmi Umerov as soon as possible;
  • To provide immediately access to qualified health care;
  • To remove the charges against him and to close the criminal case.
  • To allow independent international observers in the territory of Crimea.


We appeal to the international partners to:

  • Exert pressure on the Russian Federation to comply with the above requirements;
  • To monitor actively the health of Ilmi Umerov and exert possible pressure through the available mechanisms for his release;
  • To require access for independent observers to the territory of Crimea and the admission of observers to Ilmi Umerov.


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