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October 7 — October 14 News Digest

October 14, 2016 14:07 0 4022 QirimInfo
Massive searches in Crimea, PACE adopted resolution on Ukraine, criminal case against member of regional Mejlis and more.

Ukraine forbade to use Siemens turbines in Crimea

October 10. Ukraine and the EU have made adjustments to the a contract of German firm Siemens to supply electric turbines to Kuban, which prohibit the use of these turbines in Crimea. The representative of the Ukrainian government said that the EU renewed its awareness of business structures: when signing contracts with Russia they contain provision limiting the use of goods and technologies, subjected to sanctions, on the territory of Crimea.


Criminal case opened against member of regional Mejlis

October 11. A criminal case for separatism is opened against Suleiman Kadyrov, whose house was searched on October 5 in Feodosia. The search was conducted on suspicion of calling for the non-recognition of the borders of the Russian Federation and the support of the Crimean Tatar battalion "Asker".


Ukrainian detained on administrative border for "extremist" literature

October 11. On the checkpoint "Dzhankoi" in Crimea Russian "border guards"  detained 34-year-old Ukrainian citizen, whom extremist literature was found on. The proceedings are initiated into the matter by law enforcement "authorities". What kind of literature was found on the detainee is not specified.


Massive searches conducted in Crimea

October 12. The searches were conducted in the morning in the homes of five Crimean Tatars in the villages Stroganovka and Kamenka. Two of them – Eider Saledinov and Emil Dzhemadinov were taken to the FSB in Crimea after the searches. Next day Kyiv district "court" Simferopol chose measure of restraint for them in the form of two months of arrest.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed protest in connection with it and considers that they were detained unjustifiably. MFA demanded the release of arrested Crimean Tatars, as well as other citizens of Ukraine who are imprisoned in the Russian Federation.


PACE adopted resolution on Ukraine

October 13. Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution, which is devoted to systemic violations of human rights on Ukrainian territory outside the control of the Ukrainian authorities. This document held Russia fully responsible for the violation of human rights both in Crimea and Donbas. It was confirmed that the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation and the military intervention of the Russian armed forces in the east of Ukraine violate the international law and principles. It is also stated that in Crimea Ukrainians in general, and the Crimean Tatars are the most vulnerable group, because the violations of their rights remain largely unpunished.

Assembly requires the Russian Federation to cease its repressive actions against those loyal to the Ukrainian authorities, in all areas under their effective control, including in Crimea. In particular, PACE noted the need to restore the historical rights of the Crimean Tatars.


"Court" left Chiygoz in custody

October 13. Crimean "Supreme Court" upheld the detention of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Akhtem Chiygoz. The term of the arrest remains unknown. Polozov added that the judge refused the defense the right to get acquainted with the materials on the extension of Chiygoz's detention. Thereafter Akhtem Chiygoz declared the disqualification of the entire panel of judges and prosecutors, and the "court" refused.


Bakhchisarai "court" fined another member of Mejlis

October 14. Russian "court" in Bakhchisarai recognized leader of the Mejlis department on education Emine Avamileva guilty of "administrative offense" and imposed a fine of 750 rubles. Earlier the "court" had previously found guilty other Mejlis members of an administrative violation and imposed them a fine. They were accused of violating article 20.28 "Organization of activity of a public or religious association, in respect of which the decision to suspend its activities made".

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