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August 13 — August 19 News Digest

August 19, 2016 15:39 0 2719 QirimInfo
Arrest of «saboteurs», Umerov taken for psychiatric examination, escape of Yurij Ilchenko and more.

The total number of detainees in the case of the preparation of acts of sabotage in Crimea increased to nine people

August 15. Already nine people are arrested in Crimea on charges of planning acts of sabotage. To date, we know the names of the three detained people on charges of planning acts of sabotage: resident of Energodar Evgenij Panov, Crimean internally displaced person from Zaporizhzhia Redvan Sulemanov and Crimean Andrij Zahtej. Panov and Zahtej are arrested by Russian court for two months.


EU proposed mediation between Ukraine and Russia because of situation in Crimea

August 16. Against the background of heightened tensions around Crimea and Donbas The European Union has offered to mediate between Russia and Ukraine. The representative of the European Commission said it on Monday, August 15, in Brussels. He said that the main thing is to stabilize the situation.


Chubarov: to create an international human rights committee «Crimea»

August 16. International Human Rights Committee "Crimea" will be created in Ukraine. The organizers called its primary aim to assist political prisoners in Crimea, their families, and consideration of human violations in Crimea.


Escape of Yurij Ilchenko

August 17. Blogger from Sevastopol told how he was tried for «extremism» in Crimea and managed to escape out of supervision, cross administrative border and meet with his parents. He escaped in June, but told about it only now, after he had taken his parents from Crimea.


Poroshenko called for strengthening sanctions against Russia in response to provocations in Crimea

August 17. After a telephone conversation with European Council President Donald Tusk Poroshenko stressed on expanding field of activities of the OSCE mission, including in Crimea, and the deployment of armed OSCE police mission in Donbass. 

European Council President gave a high assessment to the actions of Petro Poroshenko and balanced position of the Ukrainian side, which does not respond to the treacherous provocations of Russia in Crimea.


Umerov taken for psychiatric examination

August 18. In occupied Crimea FSB employees took illegally deputy head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars Ilmi Umerov to a psychiatric hospital, despite the poor state of his health. His lawyer Mykola Polozov told, that "at the current state of health of Umerov, transferring is dangerous for his life".


Feigin prevented from leaving Russian Federation

August 18. Lawyer of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov Mark Feigin is prevented from leaving Russia. Lawyer Mark Feigin says the decision of restrictions on leaving the country is groundless.

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