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October 10 – October 16 News Digest: Top 7 Stories about Crimea

October 16, 2015 15:36 0 2392 QirimInfo
"Energy blockade" of Crimea, 2.5-year suspended sentence for Nebiev and more.

“Energy blockade” of Crimea started and ended

October 12. Activists behind the trade blockade of Crimea made claims that the energy blockade of Crimea has started, with one of the power lines connecting Crimea and mainland Ukraine cut off. It turned out that activists have interfered with repairs of the power line that was damaged previously and thus have forced the utility company to compensate for the decrease of electricity supply by turning an inactive power line. After activists, government and utility companies reached an agreement in the next few days, the power line was repaired and electricity supply to Crimea was fully restored.

Eskender Nebiev given 2.5-year suspended sentence

October 12. Crimean court has given Eskender Nebiev, cameraman at Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR, a 2.5-year suspended sentence on the charges of participating in mass unrest on February 26, 2014. Nebiev’s verdict is less strict than the minimum punishment for this kind of offence in Russia.

New violations during the blockade of Crimea

October 13. Despite last week’s decision to install cameras near the roadblock on the border with Crimea, this week there have been new reports of human rights violations and law infringements during the blockade of Crimea. After a number of incidents discrediting the blockade, the amount of people discontented with the situation is steadily increasing, with human rights activists from Crimean Field Mission demanding a thorough investigation of these incidents.

Detention term for Ali Asanov extended

October 15. Crimean court has extended the detention term for Ali Asanov, another defendant in “February 26 case”, by one month, though the defense claims there is no need to keep Asanov in detention before the trial.

Crimean Railways is planning to fire 1000 workers

October 15. Crimean Railways, Crimean state railways operator, is planning to fire about 1000 workers, about 10% of its 9672 workers, due to losses and “lack of prospects”.  Company’s losses this year are estimated at RUB 5.3m (about UAH 1.8m), despite its decision to increase prices by 55.5%.

Disciplinary proceedings initiated against 278 Crimean judges

October 15. High Judicial Qualifications Commission of Ukraine has initiated disciplinary proceedings against 278 judges from Crimea and Sevastopol, who “in defiance of their judge’s oaths started administering justice in the so-called courts of Republic of Crimea”. According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, currently there is also an ongoing investigation on criminal charges of treason against these judges. The punishment for treason is up to 15 years in prison and confiscation of property.

Activists of Ukrainian Cultural Center interrogated in Simferopol

October 15. Police officers and members of Crimean “self-defense forces” have detained three activists of Ukrainian Cultural Center, a small Crimean NGO, for placing flowers near a Bogdan Khmelnytsky monument. Activists were taken to the state Center for Countering Extremism for questioning.

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