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Another six members of Mejlis sentenced to fines for their participation in meeting of Mejlis

September 30, 2016 17:03 0 10566 QirimInfo
The visit of the members of the Mejlis to the house of Ilmi Umerov regarded as participation in a prohibited assembly.

Another six members of the Mejlis were handed reports on administrative offense under article 20.28. "The organization of activity of a public or religious association, in respect of which the decision to suspend its activities made". The first Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Nariman Dzhelalov told it QirinInfo.

"Today, six members of the Mejlis were in the Center for counteraction to extremism in Simferopol. Before that they received reports of an administrative offense. Three others did not go. Two persons, as it is known, have been convicted", – Dzhelalov said.

Earlier a member of the Mejlis Emine Avamileva informed about the upcoming visit to the center  "E".

According to the lawyer of Dzhemilev Temishev, the court session on these cases will be held next week, the judgement will be rendered there.

"About five or six people were called in for conversation. Protocols were drafted with regard to them. The court session will be held on Tuesday morning", – Temishev said.

Let us remind, on September 22 in Kyiv Mejlis decided to suspend the membership of three persons cooperating with the occupation authorities. These persons are Eider Adzhimambetov, Emirali Ablaev and Ruslan Yakubov.

On the same day more than a dozen members of the Mejlis gathered in the house of Ilmi Umerov in Bakhchisarai. According to Nariman Dzhelalov, the purpose of the meeting was to congratulate the Chairman of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov with his birthday.

"Our colleagues in Kyiv contacted via Skype to congratulate with birthday Refat Chubarov. Then they asked: "What do you think about these decisions?" Someone expressed his opinion, someone did not. Prosecutors, based on the reports of the police department employees who are likely to be on duty near Umerov’s home, regarded this situation as the meeting of the Mejlis", – the first Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis said.

Dzhelalov also clarified that members of the Mejlis, who gathered in the house of Ilmi Umerov, did not make any decisions.

"After the" Supreme Court "of Crimea banned the Mejlis, Refat Chubarov issued a decision of Mejlis to impose a state of emergency regime of all bodies of the national government of the Crimean Tatars. Then a decree, according to which the activities of the Mejlis are carried out in mainland Ukraine, and all decisions are made by the Chairman of the Mejlis and the Special Mejlis meeting, was promulgated. The Mejlis meeting consists of the Chairman, Mustafa Dzhemilev and those members of the Mejlis, who are in mainland Ukraine. It was the meeting which took place on September 22 in Kyiv and made the decisions", – he explained.

Let us remind, on September 28, Bakhchisarai District Court fined Ilmi Umerov for allegedly participating in a meeting of the Mejlis. Another member of the Majlis Ali Khamzin  was fined for the same reason.

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