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Russian authorities to let Crimeans not pay debts to Ukrainian banks

October 27, 2015 16:11 0 1983 QirimInfo
Crimea wants to declare a moratorium on recovering debts to Ukrainian banks.

Self-proclaimed Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov is planning to address an appeal to Russia asking to declare a moratorium on repaying debts of Crimean citizens to Ukrainian banks, reports KrymInform.

“Tomorrow we will make a proposal to the Russian government and State Duma to declare a moratorium on recovering debts of Crimeans by legal action or transfer of claims that Ukrainian banks and credit organizations use in Russia,” he said.

According to Aksyonov, Russian authorities will choose a body to create a base of debtors that took loans from Ukrainian banks and will develop a process for repaying these debts “with all factors considered”. There will be no interest and fines after March 16, 2014, due to “force majeure circumstances”.

“And then this authorized body will suggest options on what to do so that these debts are erased from international databases and Crimeans are not on the list of debtors.” Aksyonov said.

He also estimated that about 350 thousand Crimean citizens have debt to Ukrainian banks or credit organizations.

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