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Russia put more than 20 Crimeans on the list of terrorists and extremists

July 12, 2016 11:05 0 1916 QirimInfo
Among them are Crimean political prisoners, journalists and public activists.

Federal Financial Monitoring Service of Russia put more than 22 natives of annexed Crimea on the list of terrorists and extremists. The list is published on the site of the agency, more than six thousands people are registered there.

The list in particular, included all the "Crimean Four" of political prisoners in the "Sentsov case": Oleg Sentsov, Oleksandr Kolchenko, Oleksij Chirnij, and the recently released Gennadiy Afanasiev.

Blogger Yurij Ilchenko was also listed. He was arrested after publishing an article in which he spoke out against the Russian occupation of Crimea and Russia's military aggression in  Donbas. Crimean journalist Anna Andrievska is in the same list.

The head of the Civil Corps "Azov-Crimea" Stanislav Krasnov also included in the list of "terrorists". Let’s remind that Krasnov is tried in Ukraine on charges of illegal handling of weapons. SBU suspects him of having links with the Russian special services.

Freelance columnist for Radio Liberty Mykola Semena is on the list too. He is persecuted by the FSB on charges of "separatism".

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