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Inflation in Crimea two times higher than in Russia

February 10, 2016 15:29 0 2634 QirimInfo
In 2015 prices in Crimea spiked by 26.4%, while in Russia they increased by 12.9%.

In 2015 inflation in Crimea was higher than anywhere else in Russia at 26.4%. Meanwhile the average inflation in Russia was 12.9%, reports Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

“In regions of Russian Federation the increased of prices in December year-on-year was from 10.3% to 17.5%, except for Crimea. In Crimea prices increased by 26.4%,” says the official statement.

Overall in 2015 consumer prices index increased in Russia to 12.9% from 11.4% in 2014. In the past two years inflation increased twofold from 6.4% on average in 2011-2013.

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