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Morning search at Crimean Tatar activist’s place. How it happened

May 04, 2017 11:54 0 5116 QirimInfo, Oleksandr Hrinchenko
The force structures officers allegedly looked for connections with the Crimean Tatar who had left for Syria.

Today, on May 4, the Russian force structures in Simferopol raided the place of Crimean Tatar Tofik Abdulgaziyev. According to lawyer Edem Semedlyayev, the force structures representatives explained that «these measures were conducted in the framework of the criminal case on the disappearance of Crimean Tatar Enver Memetov». The law enforcement officials presume that Memetov, who disappeared in June last year, went to Syria; and Abdulgaziyev, whose house they raided, could possibly know him.

In a video published on Facebook, Abdulgaziyev told that the law enforcement officials searched his house trying to find the documents which could point out the connection between Abdulgaziyev and the «missing Syrian», in the opinion of the FSB.

«They found nothing, and didn’t seize the computer and the phones. They behaved politely, wore boot covers,» – the Crimean Tatar has told.

Abdulgaziyev’s house after the search
Abdulgaziyev’s house after the search

In addition to the above, the force structures officers hinted in a personal conversation with Abdulgaziyev that the searches were de-facto connected with his active social position.

 «They told me: «If you try to take videos anywhere else again – we will have a quite different conversation». I reckon it was a sort of a warning. To make me stop covering news,» – the activist has stated.

Having completed the search, the force structures officers left. 20 minutes later they called Abdulgaziyev asking to come to the center for counteraction to extremism (also known as «E-center») for an interrogation. Lawyer Edem Semedlyayev accompanied him there.

 «They suggested he should be fingerprinted, and we politely refused, as this procedure remains voluntarily. After that they carried out the questioning, in the framework of which we also refused to give any explanations, because we don’t know why these measures are being carried out and against whom, » – the lawyer has told.

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