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Putin signed an executive order on the simplification of issuing the Russian Federation passports to Ukrainians with a Crimean registration

May 01, 2019 15:48 0 2641
On May 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Executive order on certain categories of foreign citizens and stateless persons entitled to fast-track procedure when applying for Russian citizenship.

The executive order appeared on the official website of the President of the Russian Federation, a week after Putin’s decree on the simplified procedure for joining the so-called DNR/LNR residents to Russian citizenship.

The decree approves the simplified procedure for obtaining a Russian passport for Ukrainians with a Crimean registration living outside the peninsula before the date of occupation – March 18, 2014; stateless persons living in Crimea before the occupation; foreigners and stateless persons who were victims of Soviet deportations from Crimea, or their relatives; as well as citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, who had USSR citizenship and were born on the territory of the Russian SSR.

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