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Human rights defenders: new testimonies of falsification of evidence in Euromaidan activist Kolomiets’ case

May 17, 2016 10:10 0 1521 QirimInfo
The indictment of "Procuracy" and testimonies of witnesses vary.

In the case of the political prisoner, Euromaidan activist Andrij Kolomiets, who is on trial in occupied Crimea, new testimonies of falsification of evidence appeared, Crimean Human Rights Group informs.

"During the session new details of the detention of Andrij Kolomiets emerged, and they show the falsification of evidence on a charge of possession of drugs, which he allegedly had. The package of marijuana was in the safe of ex-husband’s civil wife of Kolomiets, Kolomiets did not have keys and access to the safe. This follows from the advocatory interrogation of the witness of Davydova", — it is said in a statement.

Also human rights activists say, Davydova’s testimony refutes the version of the investigation, which is exponded in the indictment in the guise of Andrij Kolomiets’ testimony, that he agreed to come to the police voluntarily.

"As is obvious from Davydova’s interrogation, from the very beginning Kolomiets was treated like a criminal, that is violating the presumption of innocence. Also as is obvious from the interrogation, the search was superficial and mostly served as a pretext for detaining Kolomiets. The search had procedural infractions, including the fact that the marijuana, which was found during the search, was not included in the protocol", — they report.

Upon a motion of lawyer, interrogation of witness was entered upon the record. The "court" dismissed motions of the defence.

The next "court" session in this case is scheduled for the 1st of June.

Let us recall, Andrij Kolomiets, a resident of Kyiv region, born in 1993, is accused of attempted murder of two former employees of "Berkut" during the Maidan in Kyiv. In general, Kolomiets can face up to 20 years in prison.

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