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Partial energy blockade of Crimea started

October 12, 2015 11:02 0 2609 QirimInfo
Electricity supply through Melitopol–Dzhankoy power line was cut off.

Energy industry decided to back the blockade activists and cut off the supply electricity to the Crimea with tench Melitopol – Dzhankoy, said Izet Hdanov, deputy chief of staff at the initiative behind the blockade of Crimea in an interview for Crimea.Realitites.

"We can’t supply invaders with our products. And electricity is a product. According to UN rules, the occupiers must provide the occupied territory with goods needed. We, for our part, will work to deoccupy it," he said.

According to Hdanov the other day about a 100 blockade participants gathered near the pylon of the power line in Kherson oblast that was previously damaged by unidentified people. Under the security regulations, Representatives of the energy industry had to cease the repairs.

On October 11, he added, the decided to disable this branch.

"It will be a dead end, it will not supply Crimea with electricity. We will use the existing laws to appeal to the authorities supplying Crimea with electricity is at least immoral," Hdanov said.

He also noted that that there are three more power lines continuing to supply electricity to the territory of Crimea.

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