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Before detention Russian security forces struck Crimean and took away from his home 13 thousand dollars

October 12, 2016 18:02 0 2275 QirimInfo
According to the wife of detained Ismayilov, during a search "law enforcement" did not allow him to contact a lawyer.

In Crimea Russian security forces during a search struck Rustem Ismailov, who was detained on Wednesday, October 12, and did not allow him to call a lawyer. The detainee's wife, Fatima Ismailova, told it, Krym.Realii reports.

According to Ismailova, at 6 o'clock in the morning armed men in masks broke into the house.

"They just pushed her husband to the floor, hit and handcuffed. They did not introduce themselves and did not read him his rights. Then they began to say that we must keep silent and not make any unnecessary movements while the investigating was taking place", – Fatima Ismailova said.

According to her, Rustem Ismailov forced to sign a search warrant and that they did not let him pray.

"During the search they took away our mobile phones and did not allowed to call a lawyer, although it is necessary under Russian law. They picked, looked everything, dug in his underwear, lifting furniture and carpets", – the wife of the detainee said.

Fatima Ismailova added that during the search law enforcement officers seized a computer, printer, scanner, two tablets, mobile phone, and 13 thousand dollars.

"This was money of her husband's brother, who received it from the sale of the house and left it us for safekeeping. We have three children, they were very scared, when armed men had burst in. One of them came up to my daughter and began to say something. I did not hear what was it about, but immediately took my daughter from him", – the wife of a detainee added.

Let us remind, today searches of the houses of the Crimean Tatars and detentions took place in Crimea.

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