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UN: legislation on the fight against terrorism in Crimea used to suppress dissent

June 03, 2016 13:43 0 1895 QirimInfo
According to UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, mostly Crimean Tatars suffer from repressions.

The 14th UN report on the condition of human rights in Ukraine notes the continuation of violation the rights of people, especially the Crimean Tatars, in occupied Crimea, "Krym.Realii" reports.

"The legislation on the fight against terrorism and extremism is used for the criminalization of non-violent actions and the suppression of opposing views, while the judicial and law enforcement systems have become a tool for the suppression of the opposition", – the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Shimonovych said at a press conference in Kyiv on the 3rd of June.

Shimonovych also mentions pressure on Crimean Tatars, including the ban of the Mejlis.

"Mostly the Crimean Tatars suffer from it, whose the main representative body – the Mejlis, was banned. I urge the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to cancel the decision to ban the Mejlis. It will contribute to the observance and protection of the rights of those minorities and indigenous peoples", – he added.

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