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OMON raided the market on Ai-Petri

May 10, 2016 16:43 0 3563 QirimInfo
More than fifty armed law enforcers conducted mass inspection of documents at points of sale.

Russian security forces conducted a mass inspection of documents of entrepreneurs, who undertake activities on Ai-Petri, "Arguments of the Week — Krym" reports.

One of the entrepreneurs commented to "Arguments of the Week — Krym", that OMON was on Ai-Petri plateau, and also three cars of the representatives of inspection bodies pulled up.

"This is the first inspection this year. Many controllers came by minibus, UAZ and car. At the moment there is an inspection of permits for entrepreneurial activity", – he says.

Also, according to Crimean lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, at least 50 armed law enforcers participated in the raid, and in addition to the inspection of documents, they took fingerprints.

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