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Amsterdam court to try the case about Scythian gold

October 29, 2015 13:22 0 1639 QirimInfo
On November 4 the court will schedule the first hearing.

Amsterdam District Court will soon hear the case about returning Scythian gold, reports RIA Novosti citing court’s spokesperson Fatima el-Gerir.

“The court will examine the reactions and decide whether it can schedule the hearing. The decision will be made on November 4,” said el-Gerir.

About 2000 exhibits were transported from Crimean museums to an exhibition in Amsterdam in early February 2014. The exhibition was scheduled to last until May 2014, but due to the occupation of Crimea by Russia a dispute about their ownership emerged. Crimean museums, where they were stored before the exhibition, and Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture both believe they are the true owners of the exhibits. The court will decide the fate of about 565 exhibits, estimated at €1.5m.

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