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Activists demand from Poroshenko to give the IDPs their right to vote back

October 07, 2015 14:49 0 2007 QirimInfo
NGOs that protect the rights of internally displaced persons are asking the authorities to consider a bill that lets IDPs vote on local elections.

Activists from a number of NGOs that protect the rights of IDPs have signed an open letter to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and the head of Verkhovna Rada’s committee on juridical policy and justice after the committee decided not to introduce bill №2501а-1”About making changes to legislative acts regarding the voting rights of internally displaces persons”.

This bill, developed by a number of NGOs and a group of People's Deputies of Ukraine, provides the IDPs with a right to vote on local elections using the residential address specified in their IDPs’ certificates. The meeting of the committee on October 7 was the last opportunity to introduce the bill in time for it to be passed before the elections on October 25, but the committee did not even include the bill in the agenda.

Human rights activists insist that this bill has to be passed, since otherwise the coming elections will violate the constitutional rights of almost 1.5m citizens of Ukraine.

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