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Car queue at the entrance to Crimea

October 24, 2016 11:46 0 2181 QirimInfo
There are more than 30 cars waiting in line on Chongar in the buffer zone.

Car queue formed on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea on the side of Kherson region. It is reported by "Kherson online» with reference to the press service of Berdyansk border detachment.

"There is slow traffic during two hours today through the checkpoint Chongar to occupied Crimea", – the press-service reports.

According to the border guards, the reason are incomprehensible actions of the Russian side.

"There is accumulation of vehicles in the so-called buffer zone and in front of the checkpoint. There are more than 30 cars, that have passed Ukrainian checkpoint, are waiting for the pass to Crimea", – the press-service explained.

Let us remind, on August 7 Russia suspended pass through the administrative border with Crimea for unknown reasons. Citizen's and vehicles' pass was suspended on checkpoints Kalanchak, Chaplinka and Chongar.

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