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Crimean border guards detain three Ukrainian activists

February 29, 2016 13:06 0 2452 QirimInfo
According to the latest information, two activists were released, while one is still being questioned.

Olha Skrypnyk, head of Crimean Human Rights Group reported that three Ukrainian activists were detained at the Chongar checkpoint on the administrative border between Ukraine and Crimea.

According to Skrypnyk, three activists were members of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre that operates in the Crimea.

“These were Myhaylo Batrak, Galyna Balaban and Iryna Danilovych. They are now held by Russian authorities. We do not know what is happening to them. They were driving from Kyiv to their homes in Simferopol,” said Skrypnyk.

According to her, the grounds for detention are also unknown and there is no communication with the activists. Crimean law enforcement agencies also declined to comment.

Later Skrypnyk said that Iryna Danilovych and Galyna Balaban were released, while Myhaylo Batrak was still being questioned.

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