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Kurbedinov summoned to Investigatory Committee of Russian Federation on Crimea

March 28, 2017 15:57 0 2886 QirimInfo
The lawyer assesses such actions as another wave of pressure.

Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov has been summoned to the Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation on the Crimea. He has told this in a comment for QirimInfo.

«The investigator of the Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation in the Crimea called me yesterday and today,and informed that the pre-investigative check was carried out with regard to me allegedly upon disclamation of some information of the pre-trial investigation by me,» – Kurbedinov has told.

In response, the lawyer demanded that the investigator should send an official subpoena, in which it should be indicated under which one of the numerous cases of the lawyer the said check is carried out, and in what status he is summoned to the Investigatory Committee.

He has noted that everything he says is an open information, provided by the investigation.

 «On the assumption of this, I presume that it all is absolutely made-up, just another wave of pressure,» – the lawyer has said.

Kurbedinov has stated that he will notify the Chamber of Advocates of the Crimea about this situation. According to him, this is exactly what Akhtem Chiygoz’s lawyer Mykola Polozov  is coming through.

 «I believe this is connected with my activity and numerous speeches at public grounds,» – Kurbedinov has said.

Important to note, on March 21, Akhtem Chiygoz’s lawyer Mykola Polozov  was summoned to the Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation on the Crimea for the second time. He was asked clarifying questions on provision legal assistance to Deputy Head of the Medjlis Ilmi Umerov. Till the end of the month,  the investigator will take a procedural decision on whether to start a criminal case under Article 308 «Witness’s refusal to testify» against Mykola Polozov or not.

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