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Crimean «court» convicted Euromaidan activist Kolomiets to ten years

June 10, 2016 14:16 0 2511 QirimInfo
Andrij Kolomiets accused of attempted murder of two employees of «Berkut» in Kyiv at the time of the Revolution of dignity.

Kyiv district "court" of Simferopol sentenced Euromaidan activist Andrij Kolomiets to 10 years' imprisonment with serving the term in a strict regime colony.

The press service of the Russian Prosecutor's Office of Crimea reports it.

"Based on the evidence presented by the prosecutor's office, he was found guilty of committing crimes under p. 3 art. 30 – p. p. "a", "b", "e", "l" p. 2 art. 105 (attempt of murder of two persons in connection with implementation of their activity, committed in publicly dangerous way, based on political and ideological hatred), p. 2, art. 228 of the Criminal Code (illegal purchase, storage and transportation without a purpose of selling parts of plants containing drugs, on a large scale)", – it is said in a statement.

"The prosecutor's office" accused Kolomiets of that being a member of the UPA in Kyiv at the time of the Maidan, he had made an attempt on the life of two employees of the Crimean special forces "Berkut", throwing them with Molotov cocktails. Kolomiets also was accused of storage and transportation of narcotic plants on a large scale.

Earlier, human rights activists reported the fabrications of evidence found in this criminal case.

Read more about Kolomiets’ case here.

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