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«Crimean saboteurs» left in custody for another two months

October 10, 2016 17:02 0 1889 QirimInfo
Arrest of Evgen Panov and Andrii Zahtei extended until December 10.

Kyiv district "court" of Simferopol extended the arrest of the suspects in the preparation of terrorist acts on the territory of Crimea Evgen Panov and Andrii  Zahtei until December 10, "RIA Novosti" reports, citing a source in the court.

"Kyiv District Court of Simferopol extended by two months, until December 10, the arrest of Evgen Panov and Andrii Zahtei", — a source in the court informs.

The "Court" held a meeting behind closed doors.
Let us remind, Evgen Panov was arrested for a period of two months until August 11 on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks in Crimea, and Andrii Zahtei — until August 13.
In general seven people were arrested in the so-called "case of saboteurs". Ukrainian authorities deny any accusations and call it a provocation.

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