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Crimean Tatar woman sued for insult on the ground of national origin

June 14, 2016 12:38 0 1910 QirimInfo
Urie Seytmambetova, who works as a nurse, was hurled an insult at her when they learned of her nationality.

Crimean Tatar Urie Seytmambetova, working as a nurse, arrived on a call to the patient. When a woman, caring for her grandmother, learned that the nurse is Crimean Tatar, began to behave aggressively towards Seytmambetova.

"A young girl, of the Crimean Tatar nationality, working in the ambulance as a nurse, arrived on a call. The woman who looked after the grandmother, for whom she called an ambulance, hurled an insult at the nurse having learnt that she was Crimean Tatar, and said: "That's right, that you were expelled from here, all you might have been eliminated, all you are betrayers!!!" She behaved very aggressively, when police was called, they refused to do anything and persuaded to hush up the affair", — Tatiana Moskalenko wrote on her Facebook page.

Also, according to Moskalenko, Russian police refused to do anything and offered Seytmambetova to hush up the affair.

The first "court" session in this case was held today, on July 14th, on vul. Grecheskaya in Feodosia.

According to "15 minutes", Feodosiya city "court" delivered judgement to fine for 1 thousand rubles woman who insulted the Crimean Tatar.

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