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Konstantinov says that Krym.Realii project is hostile to Russia

April 20, 2016 14:58 0 3244 QirimInfo
Chairman of the «parliament» of Crimea fears that independent media can hurt him.

The speaker of the «parliament» of Crimea, Volodymyr Konstantinov told that the Krym.Realii project was hostile to Russia, and he compared it with German newspaper of the Second World War time, RIA Krym reports.

«Frankly, I do not read this site. But people who work there, maybe you do not know them, but I know very well. They are our enemies, so to read what they write... Imagine that during the Great Patriotic War, Red Army soldiers read a German newspaper. I would describe it approximately like that. They are the enemies of Russia and the enemies of Crimea», – Konstantinov said.

He also accused the online edition of it’s financing by Western special service.

«Whatever they write, they have only one aim – to hurt us, to make us bad and it has nothing similar with freedom of speech at all. There is no freedom, there is only lie, and it is paid by Western special services with one goal – to make Russia bad. That is why, whatever we do, that all will be bad for them, they will be looking for some stuff», – Konstantinov emphasized.

Let us recall, yesterday the «prosecutor» of Crimea Natalia Poklonska reported that Russian procuracy was preparing materials for a complete blocking of Internet edition «Krym.Realii». Also, a search was conducted in the house of Crimean journalist Mykola Semena, he was questioned in the FSB and released on his own recognizance.

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