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Former military man from Crimea Maxim Odintsov charged with malicious desertion, treason

February 24, 2017 16:42 0 3146 QirimInfo
Odintsov states he does not admit guilt and that he is a citizen of Russia.

Today, on February 24, the Darnitskii district court of Kyiv held the first trial at merits in the case of the Crimea resident Maxim Odintsov, who has been charged with treason and malicious desertion.

During the trial, Public Prosecutor Dmytro Baidukov read out the indictment. Former Ukrainian military man is accused under two articles of the Criminal Code at a time: 111 [treason] and 408 [malicious desertion].

«In one of the days of the second decade of March 2014, he [Odintsov] committed treason, that is, the action in the detriment of the sovereignty, integrity and inviolability of defense capabilities, the state economic and information security of Ukraine: adhering to the enemy at the time of the armed conflict, which was expressed in Ensign Odintsov’s  refusal to fulfill the duties of the military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and declaration of the intent to serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, during the general outline of the staff  of the military unit A 1100 in one of the days of the second decade of March 2014,»  – stated in the indictment.

Odintsov stated he understood what he was charged with, but clarified he didn’t admit guilt in the qualification, sounded by the Public Prosecutor. To the judge’s question on his nationality, the former military man replied he is the citizen of Russia and Russian by nationality.

At present moment, the preliminary investigation is carried out with regard to Odintsov’s case, in the framework of which it is planned to study the written evidence and interrogate the witnesses. The next session in this case has been scheduled on March 13.

Important to note, tow former Ukrainian military men from the Crimea, Maxim Odintsov and Oleksandr Baranov, were arrested by the Security service of Ukraine at the administrative border with the Crimea on November 20, 2016. The preliminary court session in Baranov’s case has been scheduled on March 9.

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