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Important news on Crimea  Digest from October 29 to 4 November 

November 07, 2018 11:28 0 3259

Armyansk “administration” didn’t allow the city residents to hold a picket concerning the current ecological situation 

October 29 (, Armyansk residents were banned from holding a previously announced picket concerning the local ecological situation. The “city administration” explained this ban by saying that the terms of submitting the application had allegedly been violated. Moreover, there have been complaints that the doctors at the city hospital refused to make diagnosis related to the chemical exposure, because of the “administration” prohibition ( 

Occupiers suspect Dilyaver Gafarov, arrested after a search, of involvement in an “armed formation” 

October 30 (, a search in the Crimean Tatar family house took place (Pearl of Crimea village). After this search 22-year-old Dilyaver Gafarov was arrested on a suspicion of criminal activity, under the article 208 (part 2) of the Russian Criminal Code (Involvement in an armed formation). Gafarov was charged with involvement in the Battalion named after Noman Çelebicihan and in the Asker formation. He was also accused of participating in the economic blockade of Crimea. The next day, the “court” decided to keep Gafarov in custody until the 25th of December 2018. The “suspect” didn’t admit his involvement in the alleged crime. 

Political prisoner in “the case of Ukrainian diversionists” Shtyblikov was transported to Krasnodar 

October  31 (, it became known that Dmytro Shtyblikov, the political prisoner in “the case of Ukrainian diversionists”, who had earlier been transported from Omsk penal colony №6 in an unknown direction, is currently in Krasnodar. He had been transported there in order to make him participate as a witness in the “court hearing” of the case of Olexii Bessarabov and Volodymyr Dudka. 

Resul Velilyaev and Ali Bariev remain in custody: court rejected the appeal of the defense 

October 31 (, Moscow city court upheld the decision about the arrest of two Crimean Tatars – Resul Velilyaev and Ali Bariev, who had been detained in occupied Crimea and had later been transported to the Russian Federation. Velilyaev and Bariev will remain in custody until the 25th of December 2018. 

 FSS official and a secret “witness” were interrogated in the “case of diversionists” Besarabov and Dudka 

October 31 (, an FSS (Russian Federal Security Service) official and a secret “witness” under the pseudonym of “Orlov” were questioned in Sevastopol city court within the case of Volodymyr Dudka and Olexii Besarabov, who had been charged with preparation of “diversions” on the territory of Russian-occupied Crimea. The evidence of the witnesses favored the prosecution. They told that Dudka and Besarabov were implicated in the crime that had been imputed to them. However, the witnesses could not tell whether they had seen the defendants before. 

“Court” upheld the decision about extending detention of the political prisoner Karakashev 

November 1 (, the “Supreme court” of Russian-occupied Crimea heard the appeal against extending the detention term of the anarchist Yevhen Karakashev, who was charged with sharing the alleged “terrorist propaganda” on the VKontakte social network. Despite the appeal, the “court” upheld its earlier decision. Last weekend, Karakashev had a hypertensive crisis. 


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