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 EU Foreign Ministers support prolongation of sanctions against Russian Federation

May 15, 2017 17:19 0 1779 QirimInfo
The diplomats claimed the necessity to continue consistent pressure on Russia.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that the heads of the Foreign Ministries of the EU member states had declared their commitment to continue pressure on Russia and extend the sanctions, at a meeting with him.

This has been reported by the Interfax-Ukraine.

«We had a very meaningful meeting with the foreign ministers of the European Union, which was very informative. We had time to discuss security issues with very powerful messages on Ukraine, on support and continued pressure on Russia. All those present at the meeting clearly support the need to continue consistent pressure and the continuation of sanctions, » – Klimkin said.

«We talked about how we should react to Russia's recent actions in the occupied Donbas, we talked about how we should react to the latest deterioration of the security situation, and the death of civilians », – he added.

The Minister noted that the support of the EU « has been and remains fundamental for Ukraine so that the country could establish itself as a European and democratic state», and the EU's pressure on Russia through extending the sanctions is very important.

Important to note , on May 12, German politician, MEP Rebecca Harms stated during a press-conference in Kyiv that the European Parliament had no intention to lift sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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