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FSB checking how rebellious Crimeans are

October 19, 2015 15:15 0 2148 QirimInfo
Public servants are asked to fill in questionnaires regarding their reaction to economic crisis in Russia.

Some Crimean state companies have started giving out questionnaires about crisis and rallies to their workers, told an employee at one of Kerch state utility companies.

“At work they give out questionnaires and say that we can fill them in anonymously, but in the end they ask us to write our full names. Besides questions about family and relatives abroad, there are questions about what we will do if an economic crisis erupts. Choices are to fight using proactive methods, including rallies and strikes, to create a civil organization, to leave the country, to write a letter to the government,” the source said.

He is sure that if one chooses one of the first two options, the questionnaire is forwarded to the FSB, Russian Federal Security Service.

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