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Eskender Nebiev was given 2,5-year suspended sentence

October 12, 2015 11:32 0 2546 QirimInfo
Central District Court of Simferopol has given a suspended sentence to ATR cameraman as a part of “February 26” case.

Eskender Nebiev, cameraman at Crimean TV channel ATR, who was charged with participating in mass unrest on February 26, was given a 2.5-year suspended sentence, reports Avdet.

Central District Court of Simferopol has decided he will perform 2 years of probation.

This punishment is smaller than the minimum punishment for offence Nebiev was charged with, according to Russian laws.

Eskender Nebiev was arrested in April 2015 as a part of investigation regarding mass unrest near the Crimean parliament on February 26, 2014. Later he was released from custody on bail after Mufti of Crimea Emirali Ablaev has vouched for him, but last week he was arrested again.

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