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Jamala, «1944» and 2016

May 17, 2016 13:16 0 3368 Rustem Khalilov, QirimInfo
Why Russia saw indictment in the personal story of the Crimean Tatar.

When it became clear that Ukraine would perform at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "1944", in the Russian Federation they immediately found political context in the song of Jamala.

For a country that lives by the principle of "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, pretense", this perception seems improvident and inconsiderate. It can be explained only by the fact that in the art of pretending Russia is on the segment of the curve, which descends from a skilled liar to lazy propagandists. Faced with a crisis of nonconfidence in the civilized world, such a propagandist expects only blind trust of his own.

It should be understandable that describing the history of genocide as a political history, Russia recognizes: it carries out the same genocide in Crimea.

What is the song of Jamala out of modern context? This is a call for peace and love. This is personal history, personal clot of pain of her people’s tragedy. Yes, it is a reproach, but a reproach for the events of the last century. And those who did not endure their tragedy, can not understand it because of the limitation period.

Like that, "1944" would sound before the annexation.

And now it sounds like an indictment supported by Europe.

Strictly following the lines of the song, Russians keep on telling: "We are not guilty". And Russia recognizes not the past, but the present in the strangers from the song, who burst into your house.

Because it appears sorely a lot in common between 1944 and 2016.

Because as well as three generations ago, armed men knock at the door of Crimean Tatars at 4 a.m.


«We're not guilty»

18th of May for Crimean Tatars is a special date. It is 72 years from the day when people were deprived of their homeland. Each year before the annexation Crimean Tatars gathered on the main square of Simferopol in Day of Remembrance to commemorate ancestors and to remind about descendants. On this day, people offered up prayers and summarized everything that authorities had done. Since 2014 the occupation authorities deprived people even of this right. And it is also symbolic, because Russia set course for genocide again.

Yes, now it is not the same story that was 70 years ago, when everybody was embarked into boxcars at once. Now the Russian Federation reckons on that Crimean Tatars will embark into boxcars by themselves.

For more than two centuries the Crimean Tatar people has experienced two major waves of emigration: in the 1790-s and 1850-s. Russia hopes for the third one. And they do everything possible to make as many Crimean Tatars as possible to emigrate to the mainland.

At the same time, they are trying to hide the forest behind single trees. The Russian Federation says: we are not fighting with Crimean Tatars, but with those who rioted on February 26th, 2014; we are not fighting with Crimean Tatars, but with the Mejlis, which is a public organization and does not represent Crimean Tatar people; we are not fighting with Crimean Tatars, but with the forbidden in Russia organization Hizb ut-Tahrir... If even pro-Russian Crimeans believe in these excuses, then what can we expect from public opinion in Russia.

But how can we explain then the mass searches in places of compact settlement of Crimean Tatars? How can we explain the simultaneous detention of hundreds of Muslims who had gathered in the mosque for Friday prayers? And when all the visitors of the cafe, visually identified with the Crimean Tatars, are made to go into buses at gunpoint and are taken to the "Center E", while the rest can continue having a dinner, is not it open segregation?

But persecutions, which becomes known (sometimes only due to a few brave people) are only the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of cases – from the infringing upon language and culture to oppressions in employment and running a business remain under the icy water of public ignorance.

Therefore what is going on in Crimea today is not an ordinary fight of the regime against dissenters. The Kremlin announced the hunt for the whole nation.

And then, years later, they hope to explain everything that happened by the words of Jamala’s song: "We are not guilty". Because no one forced them to admit guilt for the previous genocide.

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